Serbian "KOLO" Pavilion

St. James Civic Centre | 2055 Ness Ave. (Located at the corner of Woodlawn & Ness)

Air Conditioned
- Entrance and show fully accessible
- Washrooms fully accessible
- Handicap parking available


Come to see the versatility of Serbian folk dances, their richness in types, forms, styles, melody, and rhythm; music, songs, and customs that speak about the specific conditions in which they originated. Thus by introducing the program of our junior and senior Folk Dance Ensemble "KOLO" to the audience, we are not introducing only ourselves, but the whole Serbia and all lands where Serbian people live. While watching our dancers, our traditional homemade Serbian food and imported beverages will warm your heart. On the way out take some imported ethnic food and drinks for later. Ziveli! Cheers!

Facebook: @KOLOWinnipeg
Twitter: @SKUDkolowpg
Instagram: @skudkolowpg