Budapest-Hungaria Pavilion

St. James Civic Centre | 2055 Ness Ave. (Located at the corner of Woodlawn & Ness)

Air Conditioned
- Entrance and show fully accessible
- Washrooms fully accessible
- Handicap parking available


Let us take you on a journey through the beautiful country of Hungary. We will entice all of your senses with our flavourful foods, delectable drinks, lively music, and entertainment. We serve a variety of hearty meals, from guylás (a traditional stew) to lángos (deep fried bread dough). Be our guest and try one of our award-winning, imported Hungarian wines, or a traditional pálinka (dry fruit brandy). Our lively music group from Hungary (Tarsoly Zenekar) will have you dancing in your seats. The Kárpát Hungarian Folk Dancers comprised of local talent will enrich your experience with beautiful cultural attire and fancy foot work.

Facebook: @BudapestHungariaPav
Twitter: @BudapestHunPav
Instagram: @budapesthungariapav