German Pavilion

German Society of Winnipeg | 121 Charles St. (Located west of Main, south of Selkirk)

Air Conditioned


Welcome to the German Pavilion and be a Berliner for the evening! Experience the amazing culture and music of Germany's capital city. While visiting, satisfy your appetite with homemade Schnitzel, Spätzle, and Rotkohl. As well, taste our delicious Currywurst and Bratwurst smothered with mouth-watering Sauerkraut. A large variety of Tortes and Strudels are also available along with a wunderbar selection of German Bier, Wein, and Schnapps. After the show, relax in the beer tent with music every evening including late night parties on Friday and Saturday

Jetzt geht's ab! The party starts now!

Facebook: @gswmb