Croatian Pavilion "Zagreb"

West Kildonan Collegiate | 101 Ridgecrest Ave.

Air Conditioned
- Entrance and show fully accessible
- Washrooms fully accessible
- Handicap parking available


Welcome to the Croatian Pavilion "Zagreb". You will be treated to a lively performance of song, dance and live music from various regions of Croatia from our local Dance Group "Hrvatska Zora" and guest dance group HKUD Zeljeznicar from Zagreb, Croatia. Choose a delicious dinner from our traditional meals, including ćevapćići (ground mixed meat rolls), Sarma (cabbage rolls) and ražnjići (seasoned pork kabobs). These can be enjoyed with a fine selection of imported Croatian beer, wines and liquors. Finally, satisfy your sweet tooth with our wide selection of Croatian pastries. Don't forget, join us for our late-night party Friday evening! 

Facebook: Croatian Pavilion Zagreb
Twitter: @HRVWpg
Instagram: @croatianpavilionzagreb