Hungary-Pannonia Pavilion

RBC Convention Centre - North Building, 2nd Floor | 375 York Ave.

Air Conditioned
- Entrance and show fully accessible
- Washrooms fully accessible
- Handicap parking available


Experience the warm hospitality of the Hungary-Pannonia Pavilion in its new home at the RBC Convention Centre! Journey through Hungary’s rich history by taking a tour of our amazing cultural display with our friendly and knowledgeable volunteers. Refreshing cultural beverages also await you and include a variety of spritzers as well as traditional offerings like Golden Pear liqueur. Continue to soak in the new atmosphere by sampling our flavourful featured menu items such as langos, gulyas, and our award-winning cabbage rolls, as well as tasty mouth-watering desserts. Then sit back and enjoy spirited entertainment from Gyanta, a Hungarian folk band from Montreal who will be joining us on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening to accompany our lively Kaptisztran folk dancers.Please visit our Facebook page for scheduling, menu items, and other pavilion details.

If you’re visiting pavilions located at the RBC Convention Centre parking is only $5 after 5 p.m.!

Facebook: @KapisztranEnsemble
Twitter: @hungarypannonia
Instagram: @hungarypannonia